Faculty : Mrs. Arti Bagada

Mrs. Arti Bagada
Assistant Professor
M. Pharm, Ph.D. (Continue)


Academic:    7.8 year                            Industrial:--

No of seminar/symposia/workshop attended:

National:         17                                International:  3



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·      J. S. Paun1*, A. A. Bagada 2, M. K. Raval3, Nasal Drug Delivery – As An Effective Tool For Brain Targeting - A Review. International Journal of Pharmaceutical and AppliedSciences/1 (2)/2010 ISSN 0976-6936.

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·      Neha Parmar*1, Arti Bagda 1, Meghal Patel 1 And Sandip Patel, Formulation Strategy For Dissolution Enhancement Of Simvastatin. International Journal Of Pharmaceutical Science & Research, 2012; Vol. 3(10): 3817-3822. ISSN: 0975-8232.

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·      Meghal V. Patel*, Neha D. Parmar1, Arti N. Bagda1, Sudarshan Kumar Singh1, Sandip Patel, Formulation and Evaluation of Lornoxicam Matrix Tablets by Using Hydrophillic and Hydrophobic Polymer. Pharma Tech Medica , Vol 1,Issue 3,May-June 2012, ISSN: 2278-1099.